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Pantry Challenge Continued

Okay. So I’ve done a horrible job at keeping going with this thing. Going to try again!

Spent about $60 on groceries this week. I picked up chicken breasts thinking we were out, but we weren’t. Oh well, they’ll all be eaten. Also it’s supposed to snow this weekend somewhere between 3″ and 2′ so I stopped by the store yesterday to pick up milk and bread before all the crazies go out tomorrow.

Here’s what we ate:
B: bacon and eggs
L: salad for me, cheese and blueberries for S3. S2 and H were out fixing the car.
D: I had ratatouille (from the freezer) and rice. Boys had popcorn? I don’t really remember.

B: pancakes and bacon
L: pizza and salad
D: pumpkin, black bean chili and cornbread muffins

B: pancakes, eggs and bacon
L: leftover chili and muffins
D: sausage, white bean and kale soup

B: Turkey bacon and spinach mini frittata
L: leftover chili, salad, muffin
S: apple, pear

B: pumpkin mini muffins, bananas, pancakes, cottage cheese, blueberries
L: chili and cornbread muffins
S: mandarin oranges, apples

Dinner: chicken enchiladas, black beans

Today’s plan:
SIL is going to feed them

B: mini frittata, zucchini mini muffin, coffee
L: lunch bunch
S: roasted seaweed, pear, blueberries, carrots and cucumbers (might not eat all of this, just packed a bunch because I’m not sure what lunch will be)

D: leftovers


Pantry Challenge Day 15

Halfway through the month! I’m not sure we’ll make it the whole way to the end, but we’re also in an apartment and don’t have a deep freezer or anything like that too clean out. We still have steaks, a roast, salmon, shrimp, and liverwurst in the freezer. Some bread, edamame, strawberries, and random fruit, too. We’ll see how we do on the meat end of things.

B: pancakes from the freezer, applesauce I canned in the fall
L: chicken noodle soup
S: pear cups, bananas, apples

B: quiche
L: salad and soup
S: apple, carrots and cucumber

D: if the boys are hungry (they don’t normally want dinner) I’ll make eggs to go with the black beans currently in the crockpot. If they aren’t, I’ll probably make some soup or salad for myself.

Pantry Challenge Day 14

Okay, first things first. H and I went it for dinner last night. Total was like $60. That’s more than what I’ve spent this week and almost more than what I’ve spent this month to feed our family (I guess that’s not exactly accurate, I mean I did spend money on the food we’re eating, I just didn’t spend the money in this month…) anyway we both also ate way more calories than we needed to. Yes, it was nice to have a “date”; we don’t get very many of those, but still crazy to think about the cost of eating out.

B: SIL is feeding them
L: ham, green beans and potatoes
S: mango, apples

B: cereal and banana
L: salad and soup
S: apple, orange, roasted seaweed

D: hopefully the last of the ham, green beans and potatoes!

Pantry Challenge Day 13

Okay, so today doesn’t really count. We’re eating mostly nothing from the pantry…

B: pumpkin mini muffin, oatmeal, strawberries
L: pizza, carrots and hummus
S: bananas, apples

B: quiche, pumpkin mini muffin, coffee
L: lunch bunch
S: veggies, apple, orange, roasted seaweed
D: out with gift cards from H’s boss

Pantry Challenge Day 12

So far, so good!

1st breakfast: waffles with jelly, pumpkin mini muffin
B: scrambled eggs, black beans, strawberries
L: ham, green beans and potatoes
S: apple, popcorn

B: oatmeal, 1 slice quiche, coffee
L: salad, soup
S: roasted seaweed, apple, orange

Dinner: leftovers (Chicken and mushroom spaghetti, shrimp and rice, pizza, and ham, green beans and potatoes are all hanging out in the fridge )

Pantry Challenge Days 10 and 11

B: bacon, eggs, black beans and tortillas
L: homemade pizza, salad and strawberries
D: shrimp and rice Ecuadorian style
S: bananas, oranges

B: oatmeal muffins, strawberries
L: mushroom chicken over spaghetti, broccoli
S: bananas, oranges

B: quiche
L: salad, soup from freezer
S: orange, apple, roasted seaweed

Dinner: ham, green beans and potatoes (soup style) with peanut butter bread

Pantry Challenge Days 8 and 9

Wasn’t able to post yesterday because I didn’t take the train. I picked up our CSA on Thursday. We ended up with collards, spinach, kohlrabi, carrots, Swiss chard, and pea shoots. I also picked up 2 green peppers.

Friday boys:
Sister in law fed the boys

Friday me:
B: oatmeal with a banana, peanut butter and cinnamon
L: taco salad
S: blueberries, veggies
D: I thought we were going to have dinner before a post-work event, but nope, so I had a bowl of cereal and a banana when I got home.

B: waffles from the freezer, eggs and bacon
L: chicken and veggie soup
D: mushroom chicken spaghetti

Yeah, chicken twice in one day and possibly the last chicken from the freezer. H was going to cook one night and thought two pounds of chicken are necessary to feed us (one is fine) but he already had it thawed before I realized and then he didn’t end up cooking so it needed to be used.

Today I went shopping. I picked up all of the milk we should need this week to avoid a mid-sized week trip. But fruit is also super cheap this week ($0.29/lb for bananas, $1.69 for 3 lb apples, $1.99 for 3 lb oranges) so maybe a trip for fruit for next week will be worthwhile. We ended up with more strawberries, boys did a great job eating then last week, so I think it is okay even though they’re on the expensive side.


Still over the $20 limit I thought I’d aim for…oh well.

I also spent 3ish hours prepping food today.


2 loaves stir and pour wheat bread
24 pumpkin wheat mini muffins
1 swiss chard, mushroom and feta quiche
21 cinnamon raisin oatmeal cups
4 salads (chickpeas, cucumbers, carrots, kohlrabi, green peppers, pea shoots and spinach)

I think we’re ready for the week ahead!