My musings…

Pantry Challenge Day 15

Halfway through the month! I’m not sure we’ll make it the whole way to the end, but we’re also in an apartment and don’t have a deep freezer or anything like that too clean out. We still have steaks, a roast, salmon, shrimp, and liverwurst in the freezer. Some bread, edamame, strawberries, and random fruit, too. We’ll see how we do on the meat end of things.

B: pancakes from the freezer, applesauce I canned in the fall
L: chicken noodle soup
S: pear cups, bananas, apples

B: quiche
L: salad and soup
S: apple, carrots and cucumber

D: if the boys are hungry (they don’t normally want dinner) I’ll make eggs to go with the black beans currently in the crockpot. If they aren’t, I’ll probably make some soup or salad for myself.


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