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it has been awhile

So, since I haven’t updated in 3 weeks or so, I guess I ought to do something about that.

A lot has happened during that time.  Perhaps most exciting is on November 22, Elvis proposed!  I wasn’t too surprised, after all we had the ring for a few months and I knew he wanted me to have it before we went to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, but it was exciting nonetheless.  We went to Latin Palace (which is where we met) to dance that evening and after awhile we went upstairs and ordered food.  He started to tell me how much he loved me and all that romatic stuff and then he pulled the ring out of his wallet.  (He said it was too obvious if he carried the box in his pocket and he didn’t want to lose it if he left it loose in his pocket, haha.)  He asked me if I would marry him and I said “tomorrow” which had been our little game for awhile.  He was like be serious haha.  I said yes, of course, and we danced the rest of the night away.

The next week was work, then we left on Wednesday night to go to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Uncle Danny and Grandma came over to eat which was nice.  We taught Elvis how to play Dutch Blitz and Rummikub which was fun.

Friday we went shopping with Philip.  Then to Jenna’s house to watch Elvis’s new favorite holiday movie, Elf.

Saturday was Tina’s baby shower. Sunday church, checking out the reception site, then back to College Park.

Last week was filled with meetings.  From Monday through Wednesday I was at a retreat center not too far from the apartment for a meeting of the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Program at Forest Trends (that’s one of the programs I work for).  Then Thursday and Friday wasthe full staff meeting.  All of our non-DC based staff came to DC for those couple of days to work on our workplans for next year and work on program linkages, etc.  

This weekend, we spent a lot of time with Elvis’s friends which was a lot of fun.  This week has been filled with a lot of work and I better get to some of it today before I get in trouble!  Hehe.


Rafting Pictures

Pictures from when I went white water rafting in Costa Rica are available here:

longer post later…