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It’s a crazy life, but someone’s gotta do it.

Things here are cRaZy busy right now.  But I’m going to take a break to update my blog.

We’re working on planning a workshop in Brazil right now.  Here is what makes it crazy:
–  We’re partnering with the Government of Mato Grosso. 
– Neither our role nor the role of the government has been well-defined.
– I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing.
– I don’t speak Portuguese very well…yet.  (Mas posso escrever um pouco. – that means “But I can write a little bit.”)
– It’s in a little over 3 weeks and the registration page was just finished last week.  And we expect more than 400 people to show up.
– We expect more than 400 people to show up.
– I need a visa.  (Luckily living/working in DC makes that slightly easier.)
– We don’t know what’s happening after the meeting – I might be going to stay with an indigenous tribe for a few days which would be cool.  Or I could be traveling Brazil on my own (a little scary).  Or I might go to Rio Branco where we’re having the meeting in June.  Really, I don’t know.

So I think that planning a wedding for 150 people in PV will be no problem after planning an event for 400+ people in Brazil.  Right?

So far for the wedding we have:
– a website.
– an idea for dresses and tuxes.
– the rings.
– an idea for invitations.
– the list of people who will be invited.
– bubbles
– floating candles (but nothing for them to float in)
– leaf garland
– and I have my jewelry.  

We still have 7 months (from tomorrow!) for everything else, though, so I think we’re in good shape.  Right?