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Here we go again

So we always say that one of the benefits to living in the DC area is the ability to attend different cultural events and access to hundreds of monuments, museums and parks. Yet how often do we really take advantage of this opportunity? I’ve lived just outside the DC line for 5 years now and have visited many places, but there are still many I haven’t been to yet. We don’t plan to live here forever, so I plan to make a sort of DC bucket list and try to visit at least one place on the list each month. I will also post about places we have already visited.

Some places and events on the DC Bucket List that have yet tto be visited:
Udvar Hazy Center
US Capitol Building
National Archives
Goddard Space Center
Reston Zoo
Passport DC (when the embassies open their doors)
National Christmas Tree Lighting

More will be added to the list as I think about this new adventure!