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November and December

Oooops. Guess it’s that time again – time for another overdue update of this blog…

Let’s see. November started out with me trying to get caught up with things at work. Then there was a week spent in Michigan at the National Grange Session. I was there to present my mad sign language skillz to the world. Yes, a 12+ hour car ride (one way) to be on stage for less than 4 minutes.

While there Norman and I also went geocaching which was fun – I’m interested in trying to do some around here and maybe more of the “naturey” ones and not the city-based ones.

The following Thursday, Mom, Dad, Matthew and Megan came to our apartment for Thanksgiving.  I think things turned out really well, though I did make too much cranberry sauce – oh well!  We went duckpin bowling and introduced Mom and Dad to MarioKart (Mom’s now an addict!).

The next Wednesday, I flew to Peru for a workshop in Cusco.  The first day there, I was incredibly sick from the altitude which was not any fun, but I made it through and learned a lot about the Peruvian context for environmental issues which is great since we’ll be planning a workshop there in either 2010 or 2011.

I was home for 36 hours before heading off to our annual work staff retreat in West Virginia.  That was okay, it was good to see the faces of the people who work remotely.

This time I was home for less than 24 hours before packing up again to head to Copenhagen.  The UN Climate Convention was held there this year.  We gave a presentation on the work we are doing with the Surui people in Brazil and since I managed all of the logistics work for everyone, I got to go along – pretty cool!  It was pretty interesting seeing how a large meeting like that works.  Also made some good contacts and learned a lot of information.  Unfortunately a strong treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol upon its expiration in 2012 was not reached, but progress was made especially regarding forests – the area in which I am working now.

I arrived home on Thursday, came to work on Friday, had a crazy time trying to get Philip from the airport due to the 18″ of snow that fell on DC that weekend, worked a few more days and then it was Christmas!

Christmas Eve Elvis and I left DC around 10 and drove to PA.  Upon arrival, we found that the MarioKart disc was not in the MarioKart case, so we had to go to the store to get another.  1.25 hours later, we were back at the house playing with Heather and Philip.  We had a traditional American meal this year for Christmas Eve (we’ll find something new next year!) and headed off to Christmas Eve services.  Afterwards, we had the traditional gathering at our house, complete with lots of food and gift exchange.  Christmas morning we opened gifts, bummed around for a bit and then had a delicious ham lunch.  The rest of our time in PA was pretty relaxing and included a lunch with Tina, Norman and Sarah, a lot of MarioKart, and the Walters family gathering.  Now I am back at work and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve already – how did that happen???

I resolve next year to be a better blogger! 🙂