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We’re going camping now, we’re on our way

Well, I guess it should say we went camping…but that’s a song they used to play on WTLR in the summers when they had updates from Camp K…

Anyway, Elvis and I left to go to Tuckahoe State Park on Friday evening.  We got there without getting lost, thanks to Philip. 🙂  (Somehow I left the printed directions on my desk here at work.)  We set up the tent (thanks Matthew) and got a fire going.  We forgot the gas tank for the stove, so we ended up cooking over a fire all weekend which was fine and not very much more difficult, thanks to my training at Krislund!!!  After eating a lot of food, we played Luisa (a Guatemalan board game) and cards and went to sleep.

We were awoken very early on Saturday morning by a bunch of boys who were camping in the next spot over, so we got up and made breakfast, then left to hike towards the lake.  The hike there wasn’t too bad – saw a lot of toads and some rabbits.  Once at the lake we rented a canoe – Elvis’s first time ever – and set out to fish.  While we didn’t catch any fish, the canoeing experience was quite enjoyable – especially the first hour when we were the only 2 on the lake!  We saw a whole lot of turtles, but not much else. 

We decided that we would continue to hike instead of returning to the camp ground and then back to the trail…The first trail we were on was really well marked and was quite enjoyable.  I can’t say the same for the second trail, however.  Somehow we got turned around and backwards, but we made it back out to the road where some guy and his daughters picked us up and took us back to the lake.  According to Elvis’s step counter, we walked about 9 miles or more.  We made it back to the camp site, ate lunch, showered, played more card games – (I taught Elvis how to play war – what a mistake!!!), and relaxed.  Both of us were exhausted after the hike and early morning!  After all that relaxation, we were hungry again, so we made dinner and relaxed all evening! 🙂

Sunday morning we were able to sleep in slightly longer (I guess the boys next door were also tired).  We got up around 9, made breakfast, tore down camp, and left for Sandy Point State Park for the fifth time this summer!  We were there until about 2, when it started to thunder and everyone had to get out of the water.  It started to DOWNPOUR not too far from the apartment which was NOT fun to drive through, but we made it back safely (gracias a Dios).  We went grocery shopping and vegged on the couch all evening.  I fell asleep around 9 pm and was back at work bright and early this morning.  It was a fun birthday weekend, though!