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So let’s see how this goes…

So I decided to start a new blog, basically to use up some free time and as a place to write down the random thoughts that cross my mind daily and to update people on what’s been going on since I moved to MD.

Everyone who reads this probably knows me.  (If not, you should probably get to know me.  Haha.) So I won’t waste time on introductions here.

Current events:

Last weekend my friend Julia (who I met in Ecuador) came down from Baltimore on Saturday.  We went to Greenbelt National Park ( which is less than 4 miles from the house.  We hiked the perimeter trail of the park (a little over 5 miles).  It took quite a long time, but there weren’t any huge hills we had to climb.  We did see a bunch of deer in different places (no more than 3 at a time) and a tree fall.  Yes, we heard a huge crack and saw a huge tree that fell right in front of us!  This park is pretty cool.  It’s about 1,100 acres of “wilderness” plopped right in between a few major highways and office buildings.  Some parts of the trail were pretty close to 295 and the peace and serenity of nature was interrupted by blaring ambulance and fire engine sirens for a few minutes, but it was a great time, especially since I hadn’t seen Julia for a little while and we had a lot of time to talk.

We returned to the house and relaxed in the cool air for awhile (it was like 95* outside).  Then we went to get groceries with Elvis to have a cookout in the backyard.  While there, we saw Milo and Gerson, two of Elvis’s cousins and we invited them to come over.  2 hours later, we had 12 pounds of meet on the grill as well as ears of corn, tortillas, watermelon (not on the grill) and drinks (also not grilled).  5 of Elvis’s cousins, plus Elvis, Julia and I made for quite the evening gathering in the back yard.  Unfortunately the batteries on my camera died, so I don’t have pictures from Saturday…

The Mind Eraser

Sunday Elvis, Julia, Marlon (another cousin) and I went to Six Flags America (  It’s only about 20 minutes from the house, but we spent 2 hours sitting in traffic waiting to get into the park.  We played in the water park, went on the log flume (which Elvis and Marlon both swear their hearts stopped on and they will never ride again) and the River Rapids (which were incredibly boring).  Julia and I went on the Mind Eraser.  We both loved it.  The boys didn’t go on and they just kept repeating how brave Julia and I are for going on it.  It has a whole bunch of loops and corkscrews and is a lot of fun!  Elvis took a really good video which I might try to upload next week.  After we ate, we went to the Gotham Arena to see some amazing artists!  We had a rough time getting in because of the 100,000 latinos that were there, but in the end, we got to see Jorge Celedon, a Colombian singer who’s song “Que bonita es esta vida” I love and Elvis Crespo – one of my absolute favorite latino artists!!! He sings mostly merengues.  Both of them put on amazing shows!  Afterwards, we took another quick dip in the pool and headed home.

Now I’m almost through another week at work.  Yesterday we had a happy hour which was really cool.  Everyone was supposed to bring food from either their country of origin or a place they’ve recently visited.  We had quite a variety of eats.  Elvis and I made pupusas (cheese-filled tortillas with a cabbage salad and tomato sauce on top) which were a hit!  Everyone loved them!  (Unfortunately I think this means we have to make them for every gathering here on out.  Elvis came and met my coworkers and their spouses, so that was great!  Almost everyone speaks Spanish, so he felt pretty relaxed and enjoyed himself, also good.

Better close this window before I get in trouble…I will probably update after our camping trip this coming weekend!!!