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Daaaa dum da dum dum dum dum

So if you don’t recognize it, that’s the Olympic song…haha.  Try to sing along with it…you’ll like it, I promise.

Since Elvis worked all weekend, I resigned myself to a somewhat more sedentary lifestyle.  Luckily for me, the Olypics started on Friday, so I had something in which to engross myself.  The opening ceremony on Friday was absolutely incredible! The music, fireworks, dancing – wow!  And how the guy “ran” around the stadium in the air to light the torch – so very cool.

Favorite competitions thus far:

Team handball.  Dude.  Why did I never know this sport existed???  It’s awesome.  Like soccer and basketball mixed together.  I should SO find a team.  I could play in the Olympics in 4 years time.  The average age for these competitors seemed to be 30-something, so I even have the possibility for 2 or 3 Olympic competitions before retirement.

Badmiton.  Reminds me of when Beth Leigey and I won the Golden Shuttlecock in high school.  Except these guys are WAY better than we were.

Gymnastics.  Because it’s amazing what these people can do with their bodies.

I was thinking about saying swimming.  But it’s not even a competition because Michael Phelps is soooo good.  But I like watching Michael Phelps kick butt in the water.


In other news, I’ve started to experiment while cooking.  Successes so far: a chicken/veggie lasagna which turned out delicious (Elvis says he likes it better than regular lasagna) and chicken burgers (Elvis says we’re never going to McDonald’s again…even though the last time was probably before I moved down here!).  Next thing on the menu: zucchini pasta…