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did you ever

visit someone’s blog EVERY day just to see that they hadn’t updated??? And then you get frustrated because they haven’t updated??? I do that pretty often, yet I am guilty of it myself! Oops! 🙂

So the rest of my time in Brazil went really well. Rio Branco was probably my favorite town that we visited the whole time in Brazil which is good because I have to go back 2 more times this year!

The day before I came home, I went on a tour of Chapada dos Guimaraes, a small town near Cuiaba with some BEAUTIFUL cliffs and water. It was just me and the guide which was cool because we went at our pace – didn’t have to wait for anyone to catch up or be worried about staying with the group. We went hiking to the top of this mountain which was AMAZING (though my thighs were sore for the next 4 days!) and also went snorkeling in a river which was really cool, too. The current was so strong that you didn’t really have to swim and there were a bunch of fish (not tropical or anything, but still it was really cool), so that was a fun adventure.

Since then, I have been to New Jersey/Philadelphia for Eastern Regional Youth Conference where I won 2 prizes – for sign a song and speech – and I now go to the National conference in November in Grand Rapids…who wants to go to Michigan in November??? Crazy people. Anyway, my friend Jenica lives in Grand Rapids and I haven’t seen her since December 2006 (though she’s coming for the wedding), so it’ll be good to see her again!

Last weekend Elvis and I went to Ocean City, MD to celebrate 1 year of living together. It was a lot of fun. The water was SOOO cold, but we did a lot of mini golfing which Elvis loved and we found a good bar/seafood place that was really cool and basically just relaxed and enjoyed each others’ company!

This weekend we’re going home to my parents’ place to do some wedding planning stuff, the following weekend my parents are coming down here to celebrate Mother’s day, the next weekend I’m here and the next week I might be in Brazil again! Crazy!!!! C’est la vie! Guess I better start studying my Portuguese again! 😛