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Toto, we’re not in the US anymore…

This weekend was filled with so much Latino activity that I honestly forgot I was in the US for awhile.  Seriously.  Let’s start at the beginning and maybe you’ll believe me.

Friday wasn’t too exciting – Elvis’s coworker’s (Juan Carlos’s) wife (Shatzy) was sick, so they came to DC to pick her up from work.  They picked me up, too, though it took far longer to get home in a car than it does in the metro.  I had a really long, really good conversation with Juan Carlos, though, which was pretty amazing and fun.  Then we went to pick up the new (used) car, made pupusas and slept.

Saturday – Braved the hurricane (it rained over 5″ in most places around here) to go out to lunch (at a Mexican restaurant) and run a whole lot of errands.  Came back to the house and watched TV in Spanish, including a couple of soccer games, then got ready to go see LOS INTERNACIONALES CONEJOS!  They’re a marimba band from Guatemala and they’re really good.  Anyway, we got to the club (actually a restaurant with a dance floor) around 10, pushed into the line that wrapped around the block (luckily Elvis and his friends have a lot of friends who let us jump in line in front of them – told you this was a latino weekend) and eventually got inside.  When we got there, however, El Salvador was still playing their game against Haiti (El Salvador won 5-0), so we just stood around for awhile.  Eventually the DJ put on some music and we danced a little.  Then Anibal, some new guy from Guatemala, sang some durangense, so we danced some more.  The conejos still hadn’t arrived, so the DJ went back to doing his thing.  Finally at 1:15 in the morning, the conejos arrived.  But, until they got their equipment set up and everything, it was almost 2 am and the club had to close at 3, even though everyone was still wanting more.

Sunday – We woke up fairly early at 9, called one of Elvis’s compatriotas (a girl from Canilla who comes to play basketball with us) and her boyfriend and got ready to go to Virginia.  By a stroke of luck we made it to where we were headed and got to the Primer Festival de la Raza around 1.  We got some food (carne asada, pinchos, arroz, frijoles, ensalada, helotes locos) and listened to some music (Dulce Sensacion, La Maquina de El Salvador, Oro Solido, Guanaco Solido, Jose Reyes and maybe more) and hung out until 8.  Then we got back on the road.  When we reached the interstate, I saw a sign, did a double take and started laughing.  Elvis asked me what was wrong and I confessed that I had been surprised to see that the sign was written in English because I had forgotten I was still in the US!  Haha!  Okay, now do you believe me?

Anyway, pictures from the weekend are here:

PS – anyone know where we can get a 5′ US flag to match the Guatemalan one we bought this weekend?