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Reading update

Before leaving for Honduras, I finished reading Angela’s Ashes. Written by Frank McCourt, this autobiography details his childhood in the US and in Ireland. An alcoholic father, few job opportunities for women, and an extended family that shuns them (because the father is from Northern Ireland) meant that the family often survived solely on tea bread and anything else the children could scavenge or steal from the streets. The children only have 1 set of ragged clothes which they receive from charity (not without hardships), 3 of them die and Frank develops typhoid as well. The book also details his relationship with the Catholic Church. Eventually Frank is old enough to start working and starts to save his money for a return to the United States. The book ends with him boarding the ocean liner for the trip across the ocean. It was a really good book. Seen from the point of view of a small child, even the most difficult circumstances that he lived through can often times appear funny.

I also bought and read the second book in the Millennium Trilogy series, The Girl Who Played with Fire. This book deals with a report on sex trafficking that is to be published by an investigative magazine. Many of the same characters from the first book make a repeat appearance, with Lisbeth Salander being the title character. I enjoyed the book, though I don’t think it was quite as gripping as the first, I still read it rather quickly and am looking forward to purchasing the final book in the series before my next trip, wherever that may be. Right now, however, I am reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver.