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It has been exactly a month since I last updated…oops. Life has been busy. Let’s see, an update for the month of May…

I went home the first weekend in May and we got some wedding stuff done. I had ordered my dress online and it was waiting for me when I got to the house, so one of the first things I did was try it on, of course! 🙂 It fits pretty well, but as soon as I have my shoes, we’ll take it to get some alterations done.

We went to see Heather’s last play. It was interesting. 🙂 Yay for Heather and her graduation and all that! Also saw Margaret play some baseball which she was pretty excited about!

Sunday we went to talk to the florists and the cake baker – pretty excited to see how both of those turn out because I gave them a lot of free range within some basic guidelines…

The next weekend, Mom and Dad came down to celebrate Mother’s Day. We went to Arlington National Cemetery which was pretty interesting, came into DC to go to the American History Museum, went to a pretty good seafood restaurant for dinner, and watched the Pens beat the Caps (on TV) all in one day. On Sunday, we went for a short hike at a park near Matthew and had a cookout for dinner – it was pretty nice. That evening was the first Latino music festival for the season, so we went to that. One of the groups (the group Elvis really wanted to see – they’re from Guatemala) didn’t show up, so we went to see them at a club (for free) later that night.

The past two weekends we’ve stayed in College Park, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been relaxing. I don’t actually remember what we did 2 weekends ago, so it might have been relaxing?

Last weekend, we went shopping at the second hand store and Elvis bought a GINORMOUS television for $70. It’s like 5′ x 3′. So that meant we had to rearrange the whole living room area in order to fit the TV in. That took all day. That night we went to hang out with his friends, saw Heather’s new baby and were there until 1am or so. Sunday, we went to see 2 soccer games, had a cookout in the backyard in between, Elvis got his haircut and then we both passed out. Pretty exhausting.

Monday we got up and went for a 12-ish mile bike ride which was pretty neat, but my butt’s still sore. In the afternoon, we went to relax at Sandy Point (first trip this summer!), which was pretty amazing. The water was still a bit chilly, but nowhere near as cold as it was when we were in Ocean City!!! Elvis tried to fish for a bit, but didn’t have any luck and then it started to rain so we came home. It was a good day off, though!

Somewhere in there, Jenna and I went looking for bridesmaids dresses, found some and decided to let the girls pick their favorite of 3, so not all of the girls will have the same dress, but they’ll be the same color. I think it’ll look fine! Who knows, they may even all end up picking the same one, haha!

I’m headed back to Brazil tomorrow! For only 1 week this time, but all is well. This has been another massive update from beckaanne. Until next time!