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a day in the life

Since it’s been almost 2 weeks since I have updated, someone might think that I would have something interesting about which to update.  Wrong.  This is what has happened:

August 22 – 26:  Took 3 days off of work and went home for Grange Fair.  (Pictures here.)  Highlights – playing cards, eating fattening food (I seriously think I gained 2+ pounds), seeing some family members I hadn’t seen in a long time (that may or may not have been a highlight haha!).

Last week – worked and worked and didn’t really have time for much else.  On Thursday, we took Elvis’s ex-next door neighbors (from Canilla) who were here to visit out for dinner.  That was kind of fun.  Friday we went dancing at Latin Palace for the first time since May.  Also fun.

Saturday – went to look at a car.  Relaxed.  Listened to Maynor whine about how no one comes and visits any more.

Sunday – saw Alyssa’s baby and hung out at the boys’ house for awhile.  Magdiel and Melvin came to watch a soccer game.  Dency, Coca, Marlon came to play basketball for awhile.  Then hung out at the house w/ them, Alyssa and Ari.

Monday – day of rest and relaxation.  Went to Sandy Point (trip #???) to swim and fish in the afternoon.  I caught 2 fish in 10 minutes.  Elvis caught 10 in 2 hours and Chicha caught 0 (I told him he needed to use a floater…)

Today – back at work.  Lots of things to do (which I’m obviously not doing).  To the soccer fields this afternoon and then to eat fish soup maybe?