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Mona’s Mushroom Casserole

I am a member of the Grange, a community service and advocacy organization for rural America. (You can learn more about the Grange here.) Another thing Grangers are known for is their ability to cook (and eat!). Growing up in Centre County, PA, we attended Grange events at least twice a month. Many of these events included potluck meals.

Another member, named Mona, often brought this casserole, heaven on a plate for a mushroom lover like me! I recently made it myself for the first time and it made me wonder why it took me so long!

Mona’s Mushroom Casserole
Serves 10

4lb fresh mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
16oz bag Pepperidge Farm Herb Seasoning Stuffing Bread Crumbs
1lb cheddar cheese, grated
1c water
2-12 oz cans evaporated milk
1c water
1/4 lb butter (1 stick)

Spray a 9″x13″ casserole dish. Boil mushrooms for 4 minutes. In casserole dish, layer half of mushrooms, stuffing mix, and cheese. Dot with butter. Repeat layers. Pour evaporated milk and water on top. Bake at 325* for 45 minutes or until hot a bubbly. If casserole dries out while baking, pour additional water on top.

Note: Recipe can be cut in half and baked in an 8″x8″ dish.


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