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Garlic Chicken

I made this dish last night for the first time and both Elvis and I really enjoyed it.  Plus, it’s super simple!

4 chicken thighs (mine had bones in them, but I took off most of the skin)
1/2 c butter
2 T soy sauce (I used low sodium)
1 T Worcestershire sauce
1 T parsley
1/4 t black pepper
6 cloves garlic, crushed

In a microwave-safe bowl, mix all the ingredients except the chicken. Microwave for 2 minutes or until the butter melts.

Put the chicken thighs in a baking dish (I used a glass dish). Pour butter mix over the chicken.  Bake at 350* for 40-45 minutes or until the chicken reaches and internal temperature of 180*F.


Variations: you can also broil the chicken, use all soy sauce instead of Worcestershire sauce, or replace the Worcestershire sauce with balsamic vinegar.  Either way, this was delicious and we’ll be making it again. We had mashed potatoes and broccoli as sides.


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