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I’ve never been a distance runner, I’ll admit it.  Even when I played soccer I would loathe those almost 3 miles that we had to run at the beginning of practice.  I never actually ran the full distance without walking.  I much preferred the sprints that we had to run at the end of practice.  Or even the days when we had to sprint only 1 lap (.6 miles) in under a certain time or we would have to do it again.  But long distance?  Not for me.

Since I moved down here, I’ve started jogging more frequently.  I’ll occasionally go with Elvis to the soccer fields and jog around the lake while he plays.  We’re also lucky to live within a 10 minute drive of two different lakes – one with a 1.35 mile path and one with a 1.25 mile path, so I sometimes go there to jog as well.

HOWEVER, this summer has been stinkin’ hot and humid!  I sweat on my walk to work at 7:45am, let alone on the walk back to the metro at 4:30pm!  Who wants to be outside in weather like that?  The temperature doesn’t even noticeably drop if I wait until 7pm to go out.

Instead of jogging, I have been exercising at the house using the Zumba Wii or Wii Fit, different Jillian Michaels’ workout videos (No More Trouble Zones is a killer!), or yoga DVDs.  Elvis and I have also gone on some bike rides on weekends that have been around 10 miles.

The temperature finally dropped enough this week to be comfortable outside, so I thought I’d get back out there and do some jogging.  Just to see what I could do.

On Wednesday, I went to Lake A and jogged around the outside.  I took a slightly longer route, so I think my total run was around 1.5 miles.  And then it started to rain.  So I had to stop and go home.  Boo.

Yesterday the weather was perfect and I was ready to go run.  Until my iPod froze.  Music motivates me when I run – who wants to listen to themselves huffing and puffing?  Plus it also has a timer with lap resets so I can figure out times.  Luckily a YouTube video saved the day and showed me how to unfreeze it (I’ve had this iPod since 2006 and I’m just now learning this???), so I was off to Lake B.

I ended up doing the longest jog of my life!  2.5 miles – no walking or stopping!  I averaged an 11 minute mile pace (not the fastest, but still, the point was the distance!) on my 2 laps around the lake.  It felt SOOO good!  There were a couple of points where I wanted to stop and walk (especially that hill around mile .8 or .9!) but I convinced myself to keep going and I’m so glad I did.  As I was jogging the last stretch a huge smile spread across my face – I’m sure the other people there thought I was weird!  It felt so good, though, to finally do it!

Now, the question is do I add more distance first or try to do it faster first?  One of my goals is – along with Tina – to run the Memorial Day 5K in Boalsburg next year, so I obviously need to add another .6 miles onto that, but I’d like to be able to do it faster as well.  Maybe I’ll somehow figure out a combination of the two – a faster 2.5 mile run one day a week and a longer run a different day with some cross-training in between…eh, we’ll see. 🙂


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