My musings…

This game is called: “Guess what item in my shopping cart cost the most.”


So just in case you can’t see everything, in there there are:

2 Kashi Go Lean cereals
2 Yo Crunch Yogurts
1 Weight Watcher’s cookies (okay, I’ll give you a hint – these were free, thus the reason they were in my cart)
2 Colgate toothpastes
1 Greenworks Disinfectant
2 Bayer Aspirins
1 Chips Ahoy
1 Breathe Right
2 Crunchmasters Crackers
2 V-8 Fusion + Tea
1 bottle of honey
2 boxes Mueller’s Pasta

I guess in order to make this game fair I should tell you that I bought all of this at Harris Teeter who had a super double coupon promotion going on, meaning that they would double any coupon up to $1.98 face value.  And I should probably also tell you that I had a coupon for every single thing in this cart.

Also I guess it’s not totally fair because there’s a three-way tie.  The things that cost the most were the boxes of cereal and the bottle of honey!  Each item cost $1 each!  That’s right, most things in my cart were free (aspirin, breathe right, crackers, pasta, yogurt) or cost $0.50 (toothpastes, greenworks, chips ahoy, v-8).

In total, I paid $6.19 for everything in this picture!

P.S. The weight watchers cookies actually aren’t bad tasting…


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