My musings…


While I’m on the roll of posting, I’m just going to keep going!

For anyone who may not know, my mom makes quilts for all of our family members when they graduate from high school, get married, have a baby, basically any life-changing event.  Since we have so many cousins that are all around the same age, we didn’t get our wedding quilt at our wedding, but we got it in June (before Matthew’s wedding at least), but it was well-worth the wait!  Instead of just getting a regular patchwork quilt, we got a brand new design!

Each of the squares has a little boy or a little girl who is wearing a different outfit!  Pretty cool!  I’m sure that each of those little guys took a LONG time to cut out and make.  There are even some squares that are specialized for us.  Here are a few of the different squares up close:


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