My musings…

Here we go again…

So I have managed to neglect this blog yet again.  I will get better, I will get better, I will get better.

So…what has happened in the past month?

Well, somewhere in there I went to Cancun, Mexico for a few days.  I went for a meeting with different indigenous, peasant farmer and forestry communities to teach them about some of the work that we do and how they can participate in the global meeting in Cancun that will take place in December.  That meeting is a United Nations meeting that will *hopefully* reach an agreement regarding climate change and set some strict international regulations.  This is doubtful, but we can hope, right?

Anyway, the meeting took place not on the beach that everyone knows Cancun, but in the forests which surround it.  Who knew there were forests there?  Certainly not me!  I was very surprised when I was flying in!  The place where we met is called Felipe Carillo Puerto which is known as the cultural capital of the state.  It was a small town with not much going on, but it was pretty nice to see.

On the way back to Cancun, we (I) convinced the driver to stop in Tulum which is an ancient Mayan site that is right off the beach.  It was pretty incredible!  The pyramids and other structures, the view of the ocean, wow!  I am definitely glad that we were able to visit the site.

Monday I had a free day as my flight was not until Tuesday, so I went to Chichén Itzá (say Chee-CHEN eat-ZAH) which is another Mayan site which was absolutely incredible.  There is a huge pyramid, a ball court, and plenty of other ruins there.  Walking through the site was like stepping back in time.  Unfortunately, there were vendors all over the place which drove me CRAZY!  I wish that they hadn’t been there so that we would have been able to enjoy our time a little more.  It was really cool to see such a big site.

Elvis and I also celebrated our first anniversary recently!  YAY US! 🙂  It was a pretty low-key trip as we’re planning on a big trip in December, but we managed to enjoy the day with dinner out at Fogo de Chao (a Brazilian steakhouse) and some quality time together (after he played his soccer game, of course).

We were able to go see Tina and Sarah one weekend as well.  We helped Tina doing some different things around her rental properties and were able to chat and such.  It was quite nice.

Last weekend we met up with some friends and went to a fall festival where we wandered through a corn maze, watched the pumpkin canon, petted the animals and picked out pumpkins.  Once we got back to the house, we roasted the seeds and carved the pumpkins.  It was a fun day.

I have also been doing some cooking.  I’ll update my blog with the recipes soon. (I promise!)


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