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What can YOU get for $20?

Over on the one website I frequent, they’re having a “competition” of sorts to see who can get what for only $20. Last night I went to Target to pick up things we needed and my total fell just to the $20 mark – perfect! I can’t upload a picture of what I got right now because I broke my camera and I got a new phone that I’m not sure how to get the pictures off of, but here is a list of what I got:

4 Campbell’s Select Harvest soups (easy lunches for the winter!)
1 Lactaid milk
1 Suave shampoo
1 Suave conditioner
1 350 ct Q-tips
2 Wishbone dressings
2 Hellmann’s Mayo
2 Pace Salsa
1 Sobe
1 Degree deodorant
1 Champion t-shirt
2 9 ct BIC Mechanical Pencils
1 pair flip flops (clearance)
1 tshirt (clearance)

Some of these things will be going to Guatemala for Elvis’s family, but most of it will be in our stockpile until we need it! Not a bad haul for $19.84 (including .71 tax)!

Hmmm I actually just looked closer and it seems like they missed 2 of my $1 coupons!!!  So my total should have been less than it actually was.  Oh well.


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