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So my friend from college, Hannah, posted yesterday on Facebook her love for Emeril’s tomato sauce from this recipe.  I didn’t have any ideas for dinner last night and I had most of the ingredients in the house, so I decided I’d give it a shot, too!

If you follow the instructions from start to finish, it’s a very time intensive recipe which includes making the pasta sauce from scratch.  Seeing that beforehand, I decided that I’d just double it right away and freeze half of it for a future occasion.

The recipe is really long and would take up too much space here, so just follow that link above to get to it and I’ll add my comments here.

Tomato sauce (recipe at the bottom of the page where the link is) –  Romanita tomatoes must be something you can only get in Italy, so I used the combination of Roma and grape tomatoes as he suggested – 6 pounds of tomatoes! Yikes! (Remember I’m doubling this.)   Plus 24 cloves of garlic – that’s 2 whole bulbs.  It looked really pretty in the pan before I dumped in the salt and pepper which is why I decided not to take pictures of this venture.  Maybe because I doubled it, none of the water evaporated from the pan…so I dumped the majority in the sink, then put it back in the oven and…more water!  Maybe the tomatoes were super juicy?  Anyway, after well over an hour of cooking, I couldn’t wait any longer or we wouldn’t have had dinner until after 9:30, so I decided to blend it as it was.  And it turned out delicious, though pretty orange in color (it wasn’t just mine – it looks that way on their site, too!)…it tastes great, though!

Essence spice – (recipe two-thirds of way down the page if you follow that link.)  This flavor was kind of buried under 10000 other flavors used in the dish, so I’m not sure it’s 100% necessary.  Since the recipe makes 2/3 of a cup and you only need 2 teaspoons, I have a bunch left over which I’ll try on chicken and maybe some other meats in the future as well.

The chicken – super fast and easy.  I didn’t add any more salt to the chicken before breading because there isn’t any need for it.  Also I couldn’t find smoked mozzarella, so I just used normal mozzarella.  And 1 pound of linguine??? For 4 people?  1 lb = 1 box and 1 box = 8 servings.  I cooked half a box.  I think if I had made the whole box, I wouldn’t have had enough sauce for the whole dish.

The sides – Can’t have a pasta dish without a side salad and garlic bread.  We also had a glass of red wine.  And we sat at the table instead of in the living room for this special meal.

The verdict: Delicious!  I was SOOOO excited for the leftovers in my lunch today.   If time is running short, you can use jarred pasta sauce which would be fairly easy.  Also, I thought it was a little TOO cheesy.  I used a 1/2 lb of mozzarella like the recipe suggested which yielded 2 slices/chicken breast.  I think you could cut it down to 1/4 lb and use only 1 slice per breast and be fine.  It had great flavor, though!  We’ll make this again sometime in the future.


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