My musings…

Red Chile Chicken with Rice and Beans (no, I am not the world's neatest cook!)

Some time within the last month I made this recipe from Mel’s Kitchen.  I don’t think I changed it too much except I added a little less chili powder (I can’t handle the heat, haha) and I used a regular yellow onion instead of green onions.

Review: Four thumbs up.  Elvis loved it.  I loved it.  It was fast and easy to make – only required one pan and it’s fairly healthy (until you dump sour cream on it).

I also decided that I will try to take pictures of the different foods I make since Elvis never remembers what was what…maybe I’ll make him a visual menu for dinners!  🙂

"Better than Chipotle" burritos

Last night I used similar ingredients to make Chicken Burritos.  I used some fajita seasoning that I picked up at Harris Teeter (more info in next post) and broiled chicken breasts.  When they were mostly cooked, I cut them into strips and added some onion and green pepper slices to the tray along with more seasoning and cooked for a few more minutes.

To the wrap, I added rice (cooked with Goya Saffron seasoning and cilantro added at the very end), black beans (seasoned with garlic and cumin), the chicken/onion/green pepper mixture, then salsa and sour cream.  DELICIOUS!  Not healthy at all, but very tasty.  Elvis said it was better than Chipotle.


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