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May 12, 2010

Let’s see. Since my last post:
1) Tina and Sarah came to visit for a weekend. We went to the aquarium in DC (small, but entertaining) and hung around the house, basically had fun seeing each other for the first time in a long time!
2) Spent another week at work.
3) Mom, Dad and Philip came to visit for Mother’s Day. We went to the National Zoo on Saturday, had a cookout at Buddy Attick Park on Sunday and played Mario Kart in the time in between. Twas fun.
4) Had a recipe fail! I have been trying so many different recipes that Elvis says he doesn’t think he has eaten the same thing twice when I’m cooking since the wedding. Everything we had tried up to last week we enjoyed, but then came the Shrimp Enchilada Bake. I made my own green enchilada sauce which was part of the problem because I ended up with too much cinnamon in it. But the combination of shrimp, refried beans and corn wasn’t as spectacular as the reviews on the recipe made it out to be. I actually opted to throw the rest of it out and eat out for lunch the next day!
5) Had a win, too! This isn’t exactly what I would call a recipe, but I took a box of Devil’s Food cake mix and instead of adding in the eggs and oil the box calls for, I added in 1.5 cups of Diet Dr. Pepper, then baked it as cupcakes as the box directed. They turned out really fluffy (maybe I should have baked them longer), but delicious! Plus only about 100 calories/cupcake. That just means you can eat more without feeling too guilty, haha!

Now I’m back at work working on planning a workshop that I’m not going to (a boo and a yay at the same time, but you’ll have to wait for another 2 weeks to find out why). No, I’m not pregnant.

Alrighty, back to work I go.


Comments on: "May 12, 2010" (3)

  1. Aunt Annie said:

    so, your 2 weeks are up and you didn’t post the reason’s why it was good and bad that you weren’t going to this workshop.

  2. beckaanne said:

    Well it was bad because I did all of the work but didn’t get to go…but the reason I didn’t go was because of Elvis’s immigration interview. BUT OUR APPLICATION WAS APPROVED!!! YAY!!! So that was really good. If I had asked them to change the date, they would have put it 5 or 6 months down the road. As it is, everything was done within 2.5 months of submitting the paperwork – super fast!

  3. Aunt Annie said:

    Well, I’m SURE you told him before you married him that Rainbows and all kinds of good stuff follow you around and that he’s BOUND to reap some of the proximity effects in his life! Not that you’re just lucky to having good fortune smile upon you. You work hard, lead a good life and deserve all the goodness that finds you. And, since you love him, it’s good that he can share in “oversplash” of your rainbow world! Glad to hear the good news and I’m sure you’ll have other travel opportunities in the future.

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