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HT Trip #2

I took another trip to Harris Teeter last night after printing all of the internet printable coupons I could find… Total cost of everything above: $14.49.

Here’s what I got:

Item                                                           Original $     Coupon      Discount  Final Price

Mission Tortillas x2                                    $3.98             0.75×6              0.98          free
HT Salsa                                                            $2.99                                                             free with purchase of 2 Mission products
HT Wheat Bread                                            $2.00                                      $2.00          free
Skinny Water 16oz x2                                 $2.70           0.50×6                                  free
Dole Fruit Crisp                                             $2.29            0.75 x3                                $0.04
Wacky Mac Spiral Pasta x2                       $3.18            0.50 x6                                $0.18 for two or 9 cents each
Sara Lee What Buns                                      $2.49            0.75×3                                $0.24
Organic Valley Cream Cheese                  $2.59            0.75×3                                $0.34
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls x2             $6.00           0.75×6            .30×2        $0.90 or 45 cents each
Old Orchard Apple Juice  x2                    $6.00           0. 50×6            2/$4         $1 for 2 or $.50 each
Colgate Total Toothpaste                          $2.99            0.75 x 3                               $0.74
Hunts Crushed Tomatoes (28oz)            $2.25                                        $1.26       $0.99
Baby Carrots 1lb                                            $1.89                                        0 .90        $0.99
Mr. Clean Eraser                                            $3.29           0.75 x3                                $1.04
Hillshire Farm Turkey                                $4.15            0.55×3             0 .65         $1.85
Whole Fruit Bars                                           $3.65            0.50×3                                $2.15
Domino Sugar (5 lb bag)                             $3.85           0 .40 x3                              $2.65

Total cost if I paid full price: $54.27
My final price after coupons and discounts: $14.49


Comments on: "Harris Teeter Trip #2" (2)

  1. Hi there! just popping over from the URS at lifeasmom.

    Just a random note. Your trip savings recap? It looks like you typed those out. Do you use Google Docs? There is an Excel-type program that adds everything up and displays real nice. I can help you out with it if you’re interested. 🙂

    Is Harris Teeter part of the Dillons / Safeway / Vons family? The prices look familiar 🙂


    • beckaanne said:

      Hey Allie,

      Yes, I did just type it out. I have used Google Docs before, but didn’t even think about using it for this entry! Thanks for the idea, though!

      I don’t think Harris Teeter is a member of the Safeway family – it is part of the Ruddick Corporation which is just HT and A&E craft stores. I’m not 100% sure, though – fairly new to HT.


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