My musings…

So I had $3.50 in Extra Care Bucks from CVS and needed some things, so I decided today would be the day. I went into the CVS on my way to work and picked up:

Colgate Advanced Toothpaste ($2.99. Unfortunately the only coupon I had for this had expired…)
CVS Allergy Meds ($3.49 for a 48 pack – same price as a 24 pack)

I used the $3.50 discount and ended up paying $2.98 out of pocket. Then I got 2 $2 Extra Care bucks back – so they practically paid me $1 to take these things.

I used one of those $2 ECB to pay for:
Starbucks Frappuccino (on sale for $1.50, plus I had a $1 off coupon)
2 packs of Stride Gum ($1.29 each)

I paid $1.08, and still have $2 ECB left to spend!

In total, I paid $4.06 and got 5 products and $2 ECB to spend next time I go to CVS. Not bad, not bad.


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