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Snow, snow and more snow.

Well, I did a pretty bad job at updating the past few weeks, but I’ll take this opportunity to blame it on the snow.

I don’t really remember if it snowed at the end of January, but starting on February 5, it started to snow and didn’t stop. For like a week. We ended up with almost 4 feet of snow! I was stuck in the house for several days and the roads still aren’t completely cleared! CRAZY! So I didn’t go into the office on the 5th, or the 8 – 11 because the metro was closed. I did work on Friday the 12, but was of on the 15th because of Presidents’ Day, worked the 16, off the 17 for a personal day, and worked the last two days – a grand total of 4 days in the office in the past 2 weeks!

Unfortunately, we were not able to go to Matthew’s and Megan’s for the Super Bowl as we had planned, so we didn’t get to taste the gumbo that they made. That meant, however, that we go to eat all of the dessert which was DELICIOUS! I made an angel food cake and Pineapple Whip. Christy gave me the recipe for the Pineapple Whip for my bridal shower.

Take a can of crushed pineapple, add in a box of sugar free vanilla pudding mix and stir well. Then add a small tub of Lite Cool Whip and 2 6 oz containers of vanilla yogurt. DELICIOUS! And not too many calories. And especially good with the angel food cake.

Another recipe that we tried during this time were Fajita Burgers. See the recipe here: Elvis loved these burgers more than regular burgers, and he loves regular burgers!

Yummy yummy yummy food!

Currently I am sitting in Regan National airport, waiting to fly to Atlanta and then back to Brazil. Next week I’ll be in a workshop in Juruena in the state of Mato Grosso. This is the same state that I visited the first time that I was in Brazil last April – was that really only 10 months ago? Seems more like 4 years!

The next week we’ll be in Porto Velho working with the Surui on developing the carbon project in their territory. On Tuesday, a group of us will leave and go to the territory to do some field work – pretty excited about that. I guess that’s all I have to say for now – perhaps I’ll try to update in Brazil!


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