My musings…

Well, I think 1 whole person saw the last entry that I posted, so I’m going to write another entry. Perhaps if I update more frequently, more people will tune in to my so-called life! ūüôā

Let’s see Rio Branco went pretty much like this: eat, meeting, eat, meeting, eat, meeting, sleep, wake up, repeat. For 3 solid days. Not too much fun, and we didn’t actually accomplish much, but whatever.

The flights back were not fun at all because it was just after the plane en route to France “disappeared” off of the Brazilian coast, so I was a little bit more on edge than I have grown accustomed¬†to be on planes. ¬†I also did a lot of thinking about how the “safety” features on planes are not likely to save anyone’s life…seriously, under what conditions is a seat that helps you float going to be useful? ¬†If, and only if, all of these conditions are met: 1) the plane is above water to start with, 2) the plane lands softly in the water, 3) you are able to get out of the plane before it sinks and 4) you are close enough to an empty cruise ship or land so that someone can come rescue you before your arms wear out or you die from hunger/exhaustion/hypothermia. ¬†How often are all of those conditions met? ¬†The Hudson River crash is the only time that I can think of….oh well. ¬†Flying is still safer than driving.

Since coming back, we hosted a party (8 people plus Elvis and I) in the basement to watch the World Cup eliminations which was pretty cool (this, by the way on our new television – it’s like 4.5′ x 3′ or something crazy and cost $70 from the second hand store), we’ve been back to Sandy Point, went to a bridal shower and we went on a 10 mile-ish (maybe a little longer) bike ride. ¬† ¬†We’ve also seen a few soccer games and been soaked by the torrential downpours which have been soaking the DC metro area every afternoon for a few hours (just at the right time so that you can’t enjoy the evening!). ¬†We were hoping to go camping this weekend, but we’re going to put that on hold for another week – I’m kind of worried about the campsite being soaked and the bike trails being pure mud and ruining the weekend! ¬†Well, that’s all for now folks, stay tuned for another edition!


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