My musings…

I know the inevitable question is about to come, “What do you want for Christmas?”  So I’m going to start a list here and maybe I’ll update it.  

1)  2009 Maryland State Resident Park Passport  We only need one to get a whole car full of people into the beach on the Chesapeake and also get a discount at the concessions, etc, which will be cool when we go camping and we rent boats.

2) GPS for my car Maybe this will motivate me to drive into DC.  HAHA I doubt it, but it will keep me from texting Philip asking him to look up directions for me when I’ve left the office and realize I don’t have directions to get to the campsite.

3) A wide angle lens for my camera I have a Canon Powershot A620, so whatever lens you might buy, make sure it fits that camera.  This set that’s above looks really good and it has a really good price!

4) Mountain pie makers I have Mom and Dad’s, but perhaps they’d like them back sometime.  Also a cooler Then we can also return Mom and Dad’s.

5)  I’d never heard of this game before, but it looks like fun!

Really, the first three things are the things I want, the last couple are just random things I’m throwing out there.  There are also a few things on my Amazon list…take a look.


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