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about time

Well, I guess it’s about time I update this so that Mom and Dad don’t get mad about me updating about everything else in the world, except for when they come to visit.  Yes, that’s right, Mom and Dad came to visit last weekend (everyone should have gasped when they read that sentence right there.  See, it’s amazing because I lived at Juniata for 3 years and did they come visit?  No.  (Okay, so they were going to come visit once and it snowed 2 feet that day, but still there were other opportunities.)  I lived in Pittsburgh for 2 years and did they come visit?  No.  (At this point I should probably give them credit that they did come and visit when I was in Ecuador, but that kind of ruins the story.)  Anyway, I have now been in College Park for a grand total of 5 months (to the day – I moved down here April 26, into the apartment on the 27) and they come to visit.  Elvis says that the real reason they came to visit was for him, which is quite possible seeing as how his parents ask more about me than about him when they call and they’re excited that I might be planning another visit there. But I guess I should be happy they came to visit at all. 🙂

They decided to come down 11/15 instead of 322 which maybe I’ll do someday…we’ll see.  So we decided to meet them at El Gran Dia Chapin (people from Guatemala are called Chapines) at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.  We ate some Guatemalan food and listened to some really loud music.  First Checha y Su India Maya (a marimba band from Guatemala) and some other okay-ish acts.  There was also a Mayan group who did some traditional dances that represented a day in their life, a party, males “conquering” women, and some other people.  We walked around to the different booths (not very many) and relaxed for awhile.

Afterwards Mom and Dad came to the house where we made crabs (Mom and Elvis tortured the poor little guys!) and shrimp with alfredo pasta and broccoli.  Eating the crabs was an interesting adventure, but I think it turned out okay.  Then we went duck pin bowling.  It was a lot of fun.  None of us did spectacularly well, but it was fun and that’s all that matters.

Sunday we came into DC and went to the Natural History Musuem (Mom and Dad were disappointed by the Australian animals) and up the Washington Monument (which Elvis really enjoyed – he’s still telling his friends all about it).  Then we went out for a late lunch/early dinner at a Mexican/El Salvadorian place in Adelphi.  Mom and Dad headed home.  Elvis and I went to another Hispanic festival for a short while, then to talk with his friends.  Since then, it’s been work, work, work.  Wednesday I went to my first event at the World Bank which was really neat.  Yesterday and today it suddenly turned very cold in DC, but it’ll be okay, I hope.  Right now it’s raining which isn’t fun at all!  I hope it gets nicer this weekend – there’s another festival in DC this weekend!

Hopefully I’ll put up pictures from last weekend on Monday or early next week!


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  1. So Becca… seems to make sense to me that they have visited you more often in the last 5 months…. consider this. When you were in Juniata, your brothers were at home so they had events of all kinds to keep up with those two. Also, you were in school and, college, by definition is crazy schedules that are thrust upon you so you can’t plan too far in advance to visit because that will be the weekend that you need to write 3 papers and study for 4 exams or it will be the weekend of the ONE event or party that you’ve been wanting to go to all year. Not to mention you were working at Subway and doing a gazillion other things. Then, in Pittsburgh, the same applied as to your studies and your work at Subway. Plus, you were taking as many credits as you could handle AND you lived in a small efficiency apartment. The drive to Pittsburgh (I’m kinda guessing here) is a little less pleasant/more tiring than the drive to College Park, MD. Plus, since you don’t have classes and exams and don’t live in a dorm, you have more time and space so they don’t feel like they are distracting you from what you should be doing. And… you can only blame yourself with that wig gig you pulled. They probably think they have to keep a little closer eye on you because otherwise, anything can happen. Besides, with the boys out of the house, they only have each other to talk to! 🙂

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