My musings…

Surprise, surprise!  One interesting thing about living with someone is no matter how well you think you know someone, there’s always something else to learn.

Monday, for example, I found out that Elvis is actually really good at basketball…who would have thought?  He found a basketball somewhere, so we headed out to the court behind our house.  Much to my surprise, he is actually a really good bball player.  While I beat him at Around the World and Pig (well, we played “coche”) he beat me (though not by much) at 21.  He said they used to have county-wide sports tournaments in Guatemala, so when their soccer team got eliminated, he would switch to basketball to avoid going home (and back to school!).  It was fun, though, and now we have something to do on days they don’t play soccer.

(Yesterday he scored a sweet goal at soccer practice…he claims he’s going to actually play on the team next year, but I highly doubt it.  He’s a really good player, he’s just really lazy, too! Haha! :-))

P.S. Pictures from the birthday party are available here:


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